Generic Karlingblob: 1180 Mini-AAR

Map of the World

Note: This map was created after every war currently going on had been artificially ended in white peace.

History of the Karlingblob

Really, this campaign has been surprisingly uneventful.

ToaKraka, 1026

Be careful what you wish for! After the 53-year reign of Antoine the Magnanimous ended in 1089, Emperor Herbert had to scramble to avoid factions—and, then, of course, he was assassinated after barely a year on the throne. In 1090, after a three-month regency, his nine-year-old daughter Bourgogne lost the crown (with Crown Authority reduced from Maximum to Medium, and with the privileges of revocation and imprisonment returned to the Council) to Herbert's brother, Bouchard the Chaste (as whom I immediately switched to playing); however, as Queen of Italy, she remained a major threat to Bouchard's power for another seventeen years, until Bouchard finally managed to revoke the kingdom after she participated in a major revolt. (It's worth noting that Bourgogne wore the Iron Crown of Lombardy to her dying day.)

More recently, oddly-belated anger over the revocation of duchies made the later years of Emperor Aubry the Pious (r. 1149–1178) somewhat precarious. Conveniently, however, he and his successor Valeran were saved from revolt by the unifying influence (+25 opinion for defending against foreigners) of the Sunni Caliph's holy war for Antioch. (In 1092, King Raoul the Just of Germany pressed a vassal duke's claim on the County of Iskenderun against the Sunni Caliph. Subsequently, he and his successors took sufficient land in holy wars that the Emperor created the Kingdom of Syria (de jure consisting solely of the Duchy of Aleppo) and granted it to King Jaspert in 1158.)

And, finally, King Evrard the Boar of Germany (without any help from Emperor Valeran, who was busy with appeasing his restive vassals with gifts paid out of the reparations from Caliph Al-Mustakfi) has managed to press his claim on the thoroughly-decayed Roman Empire! This was the third or fourth attempt by a King of Germany to usurp the throne of Constantinople. (Strangely, his government type seems to have reverted from Imperial to Feudal, even though both the Roman Empire and the Empire of the West had Imperial government.) At last, Karlings are emperors in the East and in the West.

Venice was conquered in 1130 after it converted to Arianism and the Duke of Atri pressed his son's claim on the county. It's in the process of being assimilated into Italy. (Its position as Adriatic merchant republic has been filled by the Orthodox Republic of Vis—to the extent that the kingdom-tier Republic of Dubrovnik, vassal of the Roman Empire, hasn't crowded it out.)

After the Duke of Apulia pressed his claim on the Duchy of Sicily against the Roman Empire in 1108, the Emperors of the West saw an opportunity to create the Kingdom of Sicily. They haven't yet had time to conquer the entire kingdom, however.

After the King of Germany conquered most of Castile in a holy war, the Emperors of the West usurped the Kingdom of Castile from its former holder. They haven't yet gotten around to conquering the rest of it, though. (A similar narrative holds for the Duchy of Bohemia.)

Rulers of Italy and the West
  • King of Italy Louis II, 855–881
    • 2392 score
  • Emperor of the West Lothaire the Holy, 905–925
    • Also King of Italy, 881–905
    • 9460 score
  • Emperor of the West Lothaire the Blessed, 925–970
    • 9577 score
  • Emperor of the West Antoine I, 970–992
    • 3869 score
  • Emperor of the West Lothaire the Apostle, 992–1009
    • 3894 score
  • Emperor of the West Antoine the Zealot, 1009–1024
    • 2737 score
  • Emperor of the West Antoine III, 1024–1036
    • 3705 score
  • Emperor of the West Antoine the Magnanimous, 1036–1089
    • Also Catholic saint
    • 15 904 score
  • Emperor of the West Herbert, 1089–1090
    • 1735 score
  • Empress of the West Bourgogne the Unfaithful, July 1090–October 1090
    • Also Queen of Italy, 1090–1107, and Duchess of Bergamo, 1107–1131
    • 5874 score
  • Emperor of the West Bouchard the Chaste, 1090–1117
    • 4283 score
  • Emperor of the West Antoine the Unready, 1117–1149
    • 12 718 score
  • Emperor of the West Aubry the Pious, 1149–1178
    • 16 738 score
  • Emperor of the West Valeran, 1178–present
    • 3610 score

Total score: 96 496

History of the RotW

The merchant republic of Amalfi grew rich enough to rise to empire tier in 1050. Unfortunately, the empire was destroyed in 1106, presumably by a bug. Amalfi has managed to rebuild itself to kingdom rank, however.

The Kings of Aquitaine and Aragon have been tributaries of the West for several decades, primarily so that the Empire's name on the map can stretch unimpeded from Galicia to Germany.

In 1051, Andalusia was conquered in a crusade, as usual. Somewhat interestingly, it seems to have used elective succession from shortly after its usurpation (by King Herbert Karling the Pious) until just a few years ago. (The Kingdom of Portugal was created by King Érrard the Mutilator in 1086, and has fluctuated widely in size. King Arnoul is the current owner of the Iron Crown of Lombardy.)

Britain and Ireland remain fragmented. In 1112, Emperor Bouchard the Chaste pressed his claim on the Kingdom of Mercia, and controlled most of the title's de jure land. Eight years later, however, Emperor Antoine the Unready found himself past his vassal limit, cast aside several English vassals, and thought it best to destroy the title. (It was re-created in 1124 by King Aescgar the Bold of Strathclyde—the very same person from whom Bouchard had usurped it twelve years previously!)

The Sunni Caliphate has fallen apart after various independence revolts, but remains at least somewhat formidable. Maghreb, Egypt-Mali, and East Turkestan-Yemen seem to be doing pretty well for themselves as successor states, while the Empire of Kamajid (another dynamic nomadic empire re-created in defiance of title_emperor_basic_allow) is the only other Muslim empire. Vassal Nubia-Medri Bahri, even while in a regency, has 20% more troops than its liege.

Jerusalem was taken by crusade in 1152 by Bouchard the Blessed (the brother of then-Emperor Aubry the Pious of the West). Africa was taken likewise in 1120 (after Aquitaine already had conquered much of the area through holy war), but the Maghreb has encroached. The Kingdom of Boeotia (under the Roman Empire) has made some inroads as well.

The Catholic Empire of Hungary and the Orthodox Kingdom of Royal Hungary have been completely separated. (I probably should rename the former to the Empire of the Vistula, since it has no connection to Hungary and hasn't been ruled by a Magyar in a hundred years.)

The Kingdom of Bulgaria was crushed by a mercenary company in 1077. Nowadays, the Duchy of Branicevo controls the area. (Argh—I forgot to disable that event…)

The Kings of Bjarmaland and Iceland appear to be the last independent Slavic and Germanic pagan rulers, respectively, but the Baltic and Uralic faiths still are thriving, though the Kingdom of Lithuania is Catholic (and the still-extant Kingdom of the Lutici is Orthodox). The three remaining independent nomadic rulers (Qarakhanilar in the east, Dulo in the west, and "Lowborn" pressed against the Urals) all are Orthodox.

Sadly, India has failed to produce even a single empire.

Biggest Independent Realms
  • The Empire of the West
    • Imperial, Catholic, French
    • 1146 holdings, 112k troops
  • The Empire of Rome
    • Feudal, Catholic, French
    • 738 holdings, 22k troops
  • The Empire of Kamajid
    • Iqta, Sunni, Levantine
    • 328 holdings, 56k troops
  • The Empire of Arabia and Sunni Caliphate
    • Iqta, Sunni, Bedouin
    • 273 holdings, 24k troops
  • The Kingdoms of Aquitaine and Aragon
    • Feudal, Catholic, Franconian
    • 230 holdings, 32k troops
  • The Kingdom of the Maghreb
    • Iqta, Sunni, Levantine
    • 203 holdings, 38k troops
  • The Kingdoms of Rajputana, Delhi, and Sistan
    • Feudal, Hindu, Rajput
    • 153 holdings, 24k troops
  • The Kingdom of Denmark
    • Feudal, Catholic, Danish
    • 145 holdings, 11k troops

(Yes, I know that I'm the ruler of the Empire of the "Maghreb".)