Autzen branch from /trash/

This is a branch from Autzen's Story, after the passage Autzen claimed.. I was encouraged to write this by people on 4chan's /trash/ board.

Hokuma directed a long-suffering glance at his young charge. "Autzen… all airplane toilets are like that. It has to do with the difference in pressure between the cabin and the air outside—just like how your ears popped earlier, remember? If the toilet weren't loud, it wouldn't work at all."

Autzen pouted. "Bui! Bui buizel!" ("No! It just doesn't work!")

Hokuma sighed and settled back in his seat. "Well, suit yourself. The plane won't land for another three hours, so I guess you'll have to use the diaper."

Autzen glared back at Hokuma for making such an implication, but Hokuma had already turned away, so he settled for glaring at the screen in front of him.

Autzen tried to distract himself with the movie, but it wasn't long before the pressure in his tummy was too intense for him to ignore. He shifted awkwardly in his seat, but the discomfort wouldn't go away.

He was just starting to think of maybe taking his chances with the toilet when he caught Hokuma glancing at him out of the corner of his eye. No! Autzen thought to himself. I've got to prove him wrong! The toilet doesn't work, and I don't need a diaper, either!

So he screwed up his face, steeled himself against the pain, and split his focus in equal parts between his screen and his sphincter.

Not much time needed to pass, however, before the division became markedly unequal. Autzen whimpered softly as the pain in his abdomen increased, and the muscles in his bottom grew more and more tired. He imagined that he could feel the poop snaking its way through his intestine, like an evil brown Ekans through a rubber pipe just a little bit too small for it, and getting even smaller. Tears started in his eyes as the Ekans hissed in his ear. Don't you want to let me out, Autzen? It's so dark and wet in here. I'm a Pokémon just like you, am I not? Don't I deserve freedom, just as you do?

No, no! You don't exist! Go away!

Oh, but I most certainly do exist. Can't you tell? Here's a demonstration. Autzen could hardly keep himself from crying out as the Ekans bumped up against the inside of his bottom. Could an imaginary Pokémon do that?

Stop trying to trick me! I won't fall for it, you meanie!

The Ekans sighed. Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to do it the hard way.

Autzen waited with bated breath; but the Ekans remained silent. He was just about to breathe a sigh of relief when a strange sensation came at his back door. The Ekans was using his tongue to tickle his sphincter into opening! Autzen tried his best to resist, but his muscles were tired, and the outcome was a foregone conclusion. "Bui… bui…" ("No… no…") Tears and mucus dripped from Autzen's eyes and nose, respectively, as his large intestine steadily expelled its noxious load, and the Ekans took up residence in the new home of Autzen's diaper.

Autzen blinked as a tissue appeared under his nose. Looking up, he saw that the tissue was being offered by Hokuma, who was wearing a kind expression. Autzen braced himself for an "I told you so"—but, instead, Hokuma only smiled encouragingly. After a moment, Autzen smiled back, and accepted the tissue.