Things liked and disliked

ForNeutral towardAgainst
Freedom of speech Undisguised impartiality; genuine curation Partial censorship disguised as curation
The exposure of partiality disguised as impartiality Undisguised partiality Partiality disguised as impartiality
Rating out of fiveRating out of threeRating out of ten
Sharp text and images Blurring, antialiasing, and all scaling algorithms other than nearest-neighbor
HTML and CSS LATEX (Generation of HTML and CSS through) Markdown, BBCode, Javascript, etc.
Human supremacy Carnivorism, animal cruelty, bestiality, etc. The criminalization of carnivorism, animal cruelty, bestiality, etc.
Permanent surnames Name suffixes (Jr., II, etc.); multiple surnames; changed surnames
Hyphenation at line-breaks
Precision in language Long-standing linguistic practices that neither promote nor damage precision Ambiguity in language
YYYY-MM-DD DD-MM-YYYY MM/DD/YYYY; two-digit year
Conversation in HTML Conversation in plaintext, in person, or in HTML that is generated by an intermediary rather than being typed manually Conversation on telephone