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List of saved fanfiction EPUB files

Nowadays, it's my opinion that scrolling through literally thousands of story listings in an effort to rip something worth reading out of the jealous clutches of Sturgeon's Law generally is not worth my time. Some years ago, however, that was not the case. Following is a list of fanfiction stories that I've bothered to save in EPUB format. (Nowadays, I tend to prefer raw HTML over EPUB. There are quite a few stories that I've downloaded in HTML format but have not yet bothered to clean up for final archival. Such stories are not listed here.)

Any notation other than the title is haphazard. An explicit endorsement of one story should not be interpreted as disapproval for other stories. An explicit mentioning of one author should not be interpreted as an admission that I don't know the identities of the authors of other titles.

If the author of one of these stories has been pathetic enough to attempt to scrub it from the Internet (e. g., Tozette), feel free to ask me for a copy of the file.