]> Index of 4chan screenshots

Index of 4chan screenshots

/biz/ explains rent control

Anon is a good teacher

/o/ on car climate control

/tg/ on dhampirs

An/o/n on aggressive drivers

Anon misses out

Anon detects a violation

/vst/ on citybuilding games

/his/ on Russia

/tv/ on virginity

Anon is a generous god (the Day of the Kitchen)

Anon seethes at the latest /biz/ meme (Zestimate tradwife wojak)

Anon works at Amazon (meditation box, cage, racial crime, arrest)

Anon is a NASCAR driver (Are you legally allowed to just stay in a roundabout indefinitely?)

Anon doesn&a;t like WebP (whoever vs. whomever)

A shitty forced meme on /vst/ (Victoria 3 hype diarrhea)

Anon was kind of a ninja

/tg/ on rapiers (Anon is the masses)

Anon is content (I&a;ll stick with what I&a;ve got, thanks)

Anon doesn&a;t like Gone with the Wind (slaves that were sad when slavery ended)

Greentext edit

Anon plays Victoria 3 (multiculturalism → immigrants → welfare → bankruptcy)

Anon keeps his escape routes open (go on roof, get trapped and raped)

Bulgarianon can&a;t wait to pump his own gasoline

/n/ on personal rapid transit (train: unpersonal rapid transit multi passenger megapod)

/tv/ likes creamy fillings (Charlotte Gainsbourg in Nymphomania as a Double Stuf Oreo)

Anon is a theologian (I believe that, prior to the temptation of Eve, women were able to lay eggs)

Anon has a degree (Thanks, I have a degree in writing about Black&h;Girl Nipples.)

/o/ on modern BMWs (4 Series big nose grille is like a set of massive tits on a 14&h;year&h;old)

An alternative Home Alone (Heather and four or five Chads)

Anon gives fair warning (Now you and I have less common ground and synthesis will be more challenging, but not impossible. You have been adequately warned.)

/lit/ on the King James Version (Every serious author writing in English from 1600 onwards quotes it constantly (I don&a;t mean once per book; I mean once per page).)

Hogwarts gets a new professor (Professor Uncle Ruckus, Defense Against the Darkies Arts)

Anon hates noticers (a soul/soulless thread regarding how the shape of Tootie&a;s glasses was changed in the later seasons of Fairly OddParentspeople DO pick up on small design flaws)

So much money, so little time (“>be me¶>no friends¶>still buy and collect board games and RPGs¶>sometimes I open the boxes and set them up and imagine playing them”)

Anon is skeptical (“I could literally hear you rubbing your hands as I read this.”)

An/o/n asserts dominance (“You mean[,] like[,] when the car shakes, shake it back? Show it who&a;s boss?”)

Goldilocks visits /tg/ (freeform vs. simulationist)

Anon describes commieblocks after communism

/d/ on sacks of holding (“>he doesn&a;t know about the cum dimension”)

/diy/ does domes

Anon goes to the library (Lolita audiobook must be inserted into child&a;s slot)

Anon dislikes the newest meme (“I have sent several requests to /feedback to filter the word PLAP as DEVELOPERS but it was to no avail”)

/v/ discusses the Final Fantasy 16 censorship (“I can see their little cunnies now overflowing with monster sperm!” “So much lore is lost in these censored translations.”)

/k/&a;s immigration policy (“GTFO, we[&a;]re full, unless you[&a;]r[e] based.” “Got guns and I hate commies and fags” “Ok[ay,] you can stay”)

/lit/ sees a parallel (Ayn Rand: “Hideous, bitter, and autistic. She was truly one of us.”)

/k/ plans ahead (“How useful are horses in a societal[&h;]collapse situation?”)

Some Slytherins have a giggle (teleporting massive shits into Hermione Granger&a;s colon)

Anon wants to learn a spell (“Can I fuck the near&h;transparent servants?”)

Anon achieves full synchronization (pushing people out of the way Assassin&a;s Creed–style to get food)

Anon doesn&a;t like spears (“thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust”)

/v/ discusses the newest patch notes (“The gender respec option still isn&a;t working as advertised.”)

/tv/ on board cultures (“You can&a;t expect [normalfaggots] to imagine switching cultures as quickly as you can switch browser tabs.”)